Outstanding advantages at a glance

A pouchbelt that's part of the solution

•Light weight, size adjustable & comfortable
•12 month guarantee against "sweat death"
•100% serviceable, sweat resistant construction
•5+ years life expectancy
•Superior natural sound quality
•Used daily in over 10,000 clubs worldwide
•As used at Can Fit Pro

Aeromic Systems Canada - AM10V Aeromic overhead model

Aeromic quality for

only $499.00 each!

The Aeromic range of pouchbelts have been specifically designed to give you comfort, performance and a better deal for your Transmitter. Aeromic Pouchbelts come in a variety of materials, styles and colours and the tough neoprene construction gives it long lasting, washable durability with no flaps, no velcro or studs.

More importantly, the transmitter is held vertically, eliminating the ‘tug on the plug’ problems of horizontal pouches, extending the life of all connections and so the system itself.


Aeromic Pouch Belt - $24.95!

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Long life sweat-resistant construction

You'll save more than money

Four years of initial research and development including extensive testing by leading Australian fitness instructors has resulted in a microphone that is the pinnacle of sweat resistant technology.

Thanks to toughened cables and plug connections, Aeromic stands up to all the hard sweaty work you can throw at it - for up to 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Aeromic is compatible with many different brands of transmitters like those from Chiayo, TOA, Shure, Samson, EV, Telex, Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheiser and Sony. And with over 10 years of trading behind us it’s not unusual to hear from customers that have had their Aeromics for more than 5 years and they’re still used daily–something you’d never expect or get from
lower cost, lesser microphones. Either ‘over the top’ or ‘round the back’ fittings
for your comfort.

The Aeromic system may cost a little more initially, but it’s an investment in quality. When you consider the savings in breakdowns, downtime, repairs and replacements so frequent with inferior models, your savings over time are significant.

Importantly, the Aeromic system can help save the voices of fitness instructors from stress damage, which is the most valuable saving of all.

LTS Pro Sound & Lighting, Aeromic Canada and LTS Fitness Audio & Visual are the exclusively authorized and fully trained service centres for Aeromic™ in Canada. Trust the professionals.

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